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January 11, 2016

Teen Vogues opinion is very important in the fashion world. If you’re a true fashionista, you know that Teen Vogue is always one the latest styles. There were 20 best-dressed ladies in Teen vogues list. Here are my favorites!


This years pic is my favorite. I love all these looks because they are all timeless and elegant. (You can tell from my previous posts that I LOVE elegance) Every look has a level of sophistication and also they look very sexy (I do say so myself!)


Lady Gaga #18

This dress is sooooooooooooo beautiful. Very sexy and sophisticated. I love Lady Gaga’s look, especially in
America Horror Story because it’s very simple, elegant and sexy. Remember her back in, let’s say… 2008? She wore the unexpected, but this look is sleek and calm. (I wonder if she would be still considered unique if she dressed like this all the time lol) The dress she wore at 2016 Golden Globes was designed by the famous Donatella Versace. It’s very easy to see Versace’s taste in the dress.

What do you rate Lada Gaga’s look?


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Lily James #15

Lily James was killer in the 2015 Cinderella movie. (One of my faves) She was obviously born to be a princess. This dress reminds me of an older, sophisticated Cinderella and I love how this dress has different tones of whites. From Egg Shell to Off White/Cream. They gave her a brown smokey makeup look, which is just perfect. It adds the right amount of sexiness but keeps the look warm and calm. The dress was designed by the amazing Marchesa.

What do you rate Lily James?


73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Emila Clarke is wearing one of my favorite designers… Valentino. I could tell that this was Valentino’s design because it seems to me that he is obsessed with black. It reminds me of one of his 2015 Couture Fall collection dresses. With the beautiful beading and also the see-through effect, it adds the right amount of sexy. They kept it simple with the makeup, accessory, and hair which helps keeps focus on the dress.

What do you rate Emila Clarke?



Corinne Foxx #8

This dress is so beautiful. I love the way this dress looks, with the very soft tones, floral and fauna embroidery. This dress reminds me of the perfect prom dress or a dress for a princess. On the shoulders there are birds and it looks like to me that they’re holding up her dress lol. But this dress is so beautiful. They gave her and up-do and added no accessories, which was a smart move. With pieces like this, it’s best to remember less is more. T0o much going on, can drag the attention from the big picture. Also, minimal looks are really trending.

What do you rate Corinne Fox?


73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Gina Rodriquez #4

GINA! I love her! She is the star of my favorite show Jane The Virgin (Jan 25th is the big day because it comes back on CW).  This dress is the perfect blue and the perfect ball gown. I love that it’s off the shoulders and also has an asymmetrical effect around the bust. The length is perfect! Some balls gowns can be a little long, but with the fabric that she had helped her walk without tripping because it’s flowy and moves right along with her. She’s wearing a Zac Posen original.

NBC's "73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Red Carpet Arrivals

Zendaya #3

Zendaya is my 2nd favorite Disney star (Raven Symone is my first, even though she’s not the same anymore). Zendaya’s style is amazing! Whatever she wears, I love. And it seems to me as if she kills every red carpet look. I love the ruby red and the floral detailing that designer, Marchesa, added. Also the parachute effect. It has the perfect V-line and since she’s only 19, adding the V-neck line gives her an older look. (But it’s not too much) The waist line is perfect …. everything is perfect! From her hair to makeup to dress and I’m even  sure shoes lol

What do you rate Zendaya?


NBC's "73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Red Carpet Arrivals

Jennifer Lawernce #2

This dress by Dior is very simple… but I LOVE IT! I love the asymmetrical detailing and this is the perfect example. It’s exciting to see her dress like this because we’re so use to her from Hunger Games. I love the red tone because it gives her a sexy look and also the waist detail, gives her waist a smaller look. The necklace is the big piece. Anything extravagant like that, you should not wear earrings or just wear some small studs. Keeping it simple makes it more fashionable. She kept it simple with the makeup and having a red lip, was a perfect idea.

What do you rate Jennifer Lawrence?


Comment below and tell me who’s your fave! And who should have been added to Teen Vogues “Best Dress” look!

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  • Reply Janice January 12, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    I rate all an 8; however, my absolute favorite is Lily James’s dress. I rate it a 10!!! Great article!

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