How To Wear A White T-shirt In 3 ways

May 7, 2015


Outfit #1



I call this one Sweet & Casual. If you are the type of girl who loves bright, fun colors then this outfit is for you. I paired the white T-shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans (who said a girlie girl can’t rock loose jeans?) adding rips to the jeans, kinda gives it a more laid back appeal. I added a floral blazer to make it more fun and sweet. Having a small amount of accessories is always a plus. Less is more…right? The black ankle boots gives the look a little edge as well as the gold bangles. But to keep it girlie and sweet, you should wear pearl bracelets as well. Adding a blue watch gives the blazer more attention because the watch brings out the blue in the blazer. And the light blue purse sets the whole look, it makes it fun and exciting.

Outfit #2


This is more for my edgy girls. Black and black and black! I kept it simple (somewhat) with just a simple motor jacket and some knee ripped black jeans. I paired it with some black open toe wedged sandals with silver bulked details and silver ring holes. The skull bookbag tops off the edge look and so does the spiked beanie. I also like the Beatles inspired glasses . You can never go wrong with black and white. And if you are an edgy girl, this is the perfect look for you.


Outfit #3


Outfit #3 is for that first date. Now if you like to be a girlie girl but still want to look sexy, this outfit is definitely for you. The bodycon pencil skirt gives a good amount of sex appeal because it makes your butt look GREAT! I like the long trench coat because it adds a certain amount of class that tops off the look and it also brings out the blue  in the shoes. I added in the pink shoulder purse to bring out the pink in the shoe and the gold watch to warm up the outfit. Also adding the flower earrings in a periwinkle color ties the whole look together.

Which one would you wear?

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