STREET LOOKS: Crop Tops & Flare Jeans

May 31, 2016

Loved this look on Alyssa Harper today. Here is Georgia.. its pretty hot. But today it wasn’t too hot to rock jeans. Alyssa pulled this look off perfectly!


The simple grey color crop top is great because it really just makes the look settle. The shirt is really what sets the tone for this look. If it was a color such as, hot pink or orange, it would give the look a loud tone. Adding the flare jeans makes the look timeless. Flare jeans were in style back in the 70s and idk about you but i love flare jeans much more than when I was younger. (Skinny jeans were starting to become a huge trend and I though flare was the ugliest thing)


I like that she added this gold bracelet cuff. It really brings the whole look together. I don’t know why, but gold is my favorite. I sprayed painted so many things in my room metallic gold lol. Gold really just warms up a look. Since gold is a warm tone, it isn’t a color that would be blingy and super dramatic.


These sunglasses are so cool! It has a marble effect (which I love!) and I like the light blue with the gold detail. The Light blue is perfect for the spring/summer time! Pairing them with other bright colors or just simple basic colors would add any look together.

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