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January 5, 2016

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Pura D’or is a hair care product that uses all natural ingredients that helps your hair feel smooth, look shiny and healthier.

I have been using these products for a few months and I love them so much. My favorite product is their Healing Conditioner and also their Argan Oil.

I love this conditioner because it makes my natural hair feel so soft and adds shine. With the natural ingredients, it’s also helping my hair stay healthy and grow. I also use this conditioner for my wig extension. The hair is Brazilian and this conditioner makes the hair feel so smooth and its adds the right amount of shine. Takes out the tangles and since the ingredients are natural, it isn’t harsh to the wig.

It has;

  • Lavender Oil, which soothes and nourishes hair and scalp.
  • Vanilla Extract, which helps control frizz
  • Argan Oil, which builds follicle strength.

Using my 25% off discount code: YOUTUBE25

You will get this for = $18.74 (Org, $24.99)


The Argan Oil is fantastic too! It’s not only for your hair but also for your skin and nails. It is an all natural Argan Oil, so nothing is added to the ingredients. The Argan Oil is directly imported from Morocco, which is a fun fact to know. It adds extra shine to my hair and it’s very healthy for my ends and also for the ends to my wig.

The cool this about receiving the Argan Oil is that you get the product in this adorable bag and you also get a pamphlet with a lot of information about the Oil.

Using the 25% code = $18.74 (Original: $24.99)

Last but not least, the shampoo. The shampoo is very important for your hair especially if you are suffering from hair loss. I do not use this product all the time because it contains medicine that helps your hair from thinning.

I think this is a great product for people who suffer from hair loss or if their hair tends to thin out over time. I use it at least once a month to give my hair some extra protection.

Using 25% off Code = $26.99 (Original: $35.99)

Here are some awesome reviews for the Anti-hair Loss Shampoo:

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If you were to purchase all of these items using the 25% off coupon code, it will total up to = $56.98 (Original: $75.97)

The products are expensive but I think it is worth it. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Don’t forget to use the 25% Off code: YOUTUBE25

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