Neon City

March 12, 2016


I received some clothing pieces from My Secret Treasures a boutique with amazing, unique pieces you will fall in love with.  I decided to do a fashion editorial look. I have never done a cool makeup look like this and I never imagined that I would wear something like this.


I love the neon blazer MST sent to me! It’s very unique and it’s something a lot of people probably wouldn’t think to wear.


I also like this navy blue body suit. It’s something that I always wanted to try but never purchased. The navy blue helps the neon blazer pop more, which is why the blazer is neon anyway.

I wanted to add the teal heels because it settles down the look. I have shoes in the exact shade of the blazer and also a pink neon pair, but I really wanted the main focus to be on the blazer.

I did a wet lid look for the makeup. I may do a full tutorial on it later.

 I really enjoyed doing this look for you. Use my 20% off coupon code aminah for these pieces provided by My secret treasures boutique.

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