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Holding on or letting go? You’re more important than anyone else.

May 20, 2015


I’m 17 years old and so far, I’ve only had 2 boyfriends. One relationship lasted for a year the other 5 months.  Right now I’m laying in bed thinking about the times I’ve cried over my recent relationship. We broke months ago and I’m just now getting over him. He was not only my bf but he was my other bf too (best friend) for 2 years. I never thought I would actually date him but I did. And sometimes I wish I never did because after we broke up, I went through a lot of things I didn’t expect to deal with.  I’m not gonna get into details but I decided to write this post because I can finally say I’m letting go. From time to time, I may think about our relationship but I tell myself that God has an amazing upgrade coming may way. And even though it may not be soon, I’ll wait.

Even though I wish I never dated him, I’m actually glad I did. I’ve grown into the young woman I wanted to be for the longest. I’m stronger than I was before, I’m happier than I’ve ever been, I’m so focused on my career that I don’t have time to cry and weep over someone who went to someone else in a matter of weeks.

Holding on will only make you miserable. Yeah you “love” but you must love yourself more in order for you to be happier in the long run. Do you want to feel pain every night? Or do you want to smile because of how amazing you are? You are more important than anyone else when it comes to a relationship. But if you have a child with the person, it’s kind of a different story because  your child is the most important person in the failed relationship.

Anyway,  sometimes you may want to trash talk the girl he’s with or you feel like you want to punch the living crap out of your ex, but thinking that way won’t make things better for YOU. I had to take out all the negative people in my life and I surrounded myself with positive people. People who make me happy and I even made new friends that I’m surely thankful for.

Trust me things will get better and maybe not soon enough, but it will. Take the time to focus on making yourself happy by letting go and starting a new. It’s easier said than done… I know. But you can do it. I promise!

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  • Reply Janice May 20, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    I am so proud of you la chica! Keep up the good work. This is an amazing post!

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