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You can get through it Kehlani

February 29, 2016


The R&B singer and America’s got talent star, Kehlani, was in a bit of a mess this past Monday. She was exposed for her hypocritical action of cheating on her boyfriend (which is now her ex) Kyrie Irving. She posted a picture on Valentines day telling her followers on Instagram how much she loves him; however, Monday, March 28th, her ex-Party Next Door showed a picture of him and Kehlani holding hands in a bed.


Now, Kyrie Irving responded pretty well to the situation to his followers posting a karma sign on his Instagram, but as for kehlani…. not so much.
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.52.37 AM
She deleted all of her social media accounts and there was some post on the media saying Kehlani was found dead on her apartment floor…which was actually somewhat true. The R&B singer overdosed on drugs trying to commit suicide, but on Tuesday morning, she reactivated her Instagram and posted a picture of her in the hospital with PND right by her side saying “Thank you for saving my life”. I can only assume that PND caught her right after her action and was able to get her the medical attention she needed before it was too late.


Now a lot of people are saying “I thought Kehlani was stronger than this” but how would you feel if over  1.3 million people knew about a mistake that you made. People tend to not take celebrities faults very well. A lot of her followers and PND followers and Kyrie followers (which is over 6 million followers) bashed her for her action. Calling her names and saying hurtful things. I understand why Kehlani deleted her accounts and I can understand why she tried to commit suicide but I’m glad it didn’t happen (she didn’t really try.. it would’ve happened if she didn’t get help in time.)

She’s new to this whole “Celebrity life” and having people watch her every move and bashing her for her action…(cheating) are probably cheating this very moment. And guys were saying that they can’t trust girls if Kehlani was cheating…But not everybody is like that. Everyone can be tempted and tested in their relationship about their faith and loyalty but not everyone cheats. People love to bash celebrities for making mistakes and making them feel bad about who they are and what they did. But at the end of the day… they’re human. They eat just like us “normal people” eat. They poop just like us “normal people” poop and, unfortunately, some cheat just like *SOME* “normal people cheat.

So why bash her for doing this? Yes, she’s being hypocritical with her amazing songs (My favorites are “Niggas” and “FWU”) but she’s human and things happen.

I hope she comes out with a killer single (and album)!! Artist writes best when they’ve been through something.



*Disclaimer* This story may not be 100% true only because we haven’t her it from Kehlani herself. This is just an assumption of what happened.

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  • Reply Taryn Show (@YoSauceLady) March 29, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    Great post! Yeah, it’s tragic! People love to see people fall and love putting that hand around them to bring them down. If Kehlani is anything like me, the whole situation would have lead me to have an anxiety attack! All that negativity is overwhelming. VERY overwhelming.

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