If the shoe fits… wear it!

April 2, 2015

Have you noticed whenever someone wears red, like a red dress, you instantly stare for a couple of seconds. Red triggers the brain and symbolizes “stop”. It’s an attention grabber. Like when you go to a retail store and items are marked down or on sale and they usually have a red tag on them. It grabs your attention. Trust me… when you see red on a store sign,  you see “SALE”.

Well, I like attention: good attention. I mean who doesn’t. I went to New York last year and I saw this lady with these gorgeous studded heels and I had to find them, and I did. They were from Valentino and they cost about $945.  Me being 17 years old, $945 isn’t in my budget at all, especially for one item.

So one day I went to Charlotte Russe and I spotted these shoes. They looked similar to the Valentino ones, right? Exactly! And they were only $35! (Now that’s in my price range).  I was so excited to get these red ones because they grabbed attention and they are just fabulous! Every girl should have a red heel, they’re just sexy, powerful and amazing!

What do you think of these?

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