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Evil Stepmother is Pretty Amazing!

May 12, 2015

I saw Cinderella about a month ago with my mom and niece. And I must say, I love this movie so much. Not just the story line or plot…or whatever, but mainly because of the costumes.

As you can tell by the title, my favorite is Lady Tremaine aka “the evil step mother” , played by Cate Blanchett. Even though her  attitude was “yuck”, her style was impeccable and just drop dead gorgeous.



Costume designer, Sandy Powell, from London, had worked with Blanchett in three other films. Powell has alsoCostume Designer Sandy Powell won many awards for Best Costume Design such as the Academy Award, Guild Awards and many others.  She was also nominated for Best Costume Design, Excellence in Fantasy Film, Best Achievement in Costume Design in the Satellite Award, Genie Award and etc.

The evil stepmother’s style was gorgeous! It looked effortless and timeless. I was like “Zamn!”. Everything from the first scene when the stepmother appeared where she got out of the car with her two daughters behind her to enter their new home  and meeting Cinderella for the first time,  to the last scene where the step mother and her daughters were getting taken away. Each outfit was amazing and beautiful. Sandy was inspired by old films in the nineteenth century (around 1940’s through the 1950’s). Blanchett’s character, The Evil Stepmother, reminded Sandy of Marlene Dietrich and as well as Joan Crawford as if they were to play the role of the evil stepmother.



Sandy says “The bad guy is always the most fun to dress.”  Well, bad guys in any and every film always has the best stuff. Costumes, Cars, weapons and everything else!




Sandy Powell and Swarovski swarovski_v2014 collaborated together in most of the costumes that were used in this film. Over $1.7 million in crystals were used on the costumes.



Powell and Swarovski decided to collaborate on a jewelry line called Atelier Swarovski, which was launched Marched 23rd. Atelier Swarovski has other designers as well, such as; Masha Ma, Viktor & Rolf, and Vincent Van Duysen. The jewelry pieces Sandy Powell designed were based off of the evil step mother. These pieces cost around $300 to $1800. (Not too bad..huh?)

The stepmother and sisters were meant to be too much, ya know…over the top. And the stepmother was a strong over the top woman. She wouldn’t take no for an answer and she was a little intimidating. Her style said the same thing about her personality. “I thought that was the way to go for the evil step mother, to be a strong, tough woman.” Sandy says.



Well, Sandy girl….YOU DID THAT! Bravo! Bravo! The costumes fitted each character perfectly.

Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next.


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