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March 18, 2016

This review is way overdue but I had to let you all know about this product that sent to me.


This palette by Brush Art is great because ..well 1.) It was inexpensive and 2.) The colors are beautiful!!



Click picture to go to link

There are 28 colors and they are all neutral colors (which I love!)


The colors are very soft in pigmentation but for the price, the colors show beautifully. My fave colors are on the last row (shown above). I love the purple and the rose gold color.

For a more pigmented look, these eyeshadows are definitely buildable.


This is a very good close up to see how the colors really look. I love these because they are very soft and easy to apply.

I recommend this palette for a beginner makeup look. And if you are not ready to spend $40 dollars on a palette, this palette only cost $20. (I believe I said it was $8 dollars on my video, but the price went up.I honestly got the prices all mixed up on my video lol)

Check out for awesome gifts for others and for yourself! I love, I think you will too!

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