I am a 18-year-old fashion blogger, stylist, YouTube beauty vlogger, fashion illustrator and photographer from Virginia. I have always had an eye for fashion since I was young. I’ve been designing since I was 7 and didn’t know that fashion was actually something I wanted to do in life. For the longest, I thought music was what I wanted to do. I thought I wanted to be a band director or a successful singer; however, now my dreams and goals are all fashion.

Fashion to me, is a way for people to express themselves without having to say a word. As soon as I step in a room, I appear as this classy, sassy girl.. that’s my style.  And from there, my personality speaks…just that. Style has everything to do with what you pair with what. Name brand has nothing to do with how much of a fashionista you are.  In my closet, I have no high-end fashion designer brands. The only thing I have is a Nine West purse. And that’s it. It’s how you work what you have.

Currently, I am a college student at Tidewater Community College.  I will eventually transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University. I am also in The New School | Parsons & Teen Vogue fashion program. I plan to get a bachelors degree in fashion design and minor in psychology and continue on with my masters and Ph.D in psychology.  Psychology has a lot to do with fashion. What is it about a certain color or design that makes a woman feel more confident? What is it about Christian Louboutins that makes people go crazy over them?  I plan to answer some of those questions and more here on my blog.



My Office Space

My office space is an area that I switch up from time to time. I really love having a clean space because it allows me to write with no worries. Having a messy area (for me) will mess up my focus and I most likely won’t even end up writing a great post.

It really shows my personality as well! I have the wooden mannequin to show that I love art and also the human. Since I want to work in the fashion industry as a designer (and so much more) the human body is quite important when it comes to designing. And the mannequin also resembles my love for psychology! White and gold are my favorite colors (also mint, coral, black and nude lol) The gold dog is actually a tape dispenser but I got 1.) because its gold and 2.) Because I love dogs( I have 3)  and I Dachshunds!

I really feel that your blog area or office area really shows who you and it also helps you with showing your personality through your work. The reason I say that is because it allows you to be comfortable and reminds you of who you are.



I. AM Campaign & T-shirt line Empowering girls to know their worth and accept who they are.


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What do i do?

-College student

-My Secret Treasure college ambassador

-Teen Vogue x The New School Parsons | Fashion Program ambassador

-College Fashionista Style Guru

-Fashion/Beauty Youtube vlogger